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cyber® iTAS® system 2 – the drive system for AGVs

The cyber® iTAS® system 2 is the next generation of our compact servo drive system for automated guided vehicles (AGVs), autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and other mobile platforms with vehicle masses between 1 t and 3 t. It makes it much, much simpler for vehicle manufacturers to realize features in the areas of safety, performance, connectivity, flat design and service.

All bases covered.

The cyber® iTAS® system 2 consists of a safety certified servo drive from the cyber® simco® drive 2 series as well as a compact and heavy load wheel actuator in the form of the cyber® TAS actuator 2. The use of two systems per vehicle creates a differential drive that generates a precise steering function via different speeds or directions of rotation for each wheel. In addition, the smart design of the safety architecture boasts many innovative safety functions.

This makes the cyber® iTAS® system 2 the ideal choice for AGVs and AMRs etc. – in both classic and collaborative working environments.


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The compact cyber® simco® drive 2 servo drive with a maximum current of 200 A is insensitive to dust and moisture in protection class IP65. This allows it to be placed in the immediate vicinity of the wheel actuator without much wiring.

Find out more about the cyber® simco® drive 2 product portfolio


The cyber® TAS actuator 2 in our drive system with a payload of 750 kg is a miracle in miniature: The wheel actuator measures just 180 mm high and 230 mm long. Therefore, simply perfect for very flat and narrow vehicles.

Simpler than ever.

+ Safety

The cyber® iTAS® system 2 makes safety simple.

The next-level safety architecture enables reliable speed and position monitoring according to SIL 2 and PL d. It also guarantees minimum braking distances in operation and in emergencies. This simplifies collaborative work, ensures a smooth production process and boosts productivity.

+ Performance

The cyber® iTAS® system 2 makes performance simple.

The drive system enables high speeds of up to 2 m/s, better maneuverability and smooth slow speed.

+ Connectivity

The cyber® iTAS® system 2 makes connectivity simple.

To ensure straightforward connection to different control environments, the servo drive has a multi-Ethernet interface with many fieldbus variants (EtherCAT, PROFINET RT / IRT, EtherNet/IP CIP Sync, Sercos III, PROFIsafe) as well as a CANopen interface.

+ Flat design

The cyber® iTAS® system 2 makes flat design simple.

The compact drive system requires very little installation space. This is thanks to a number of factors including the axial actuator mounting, the single-sided connector arrangement on the servo drive and the integration of the gearbox in the wheel geometry. This allows very flat and narrow vehicles to be realized.

+ Service

The cyber® iTAS® system 2 makes service simple.

The reduction in the number of components and the amount of wiring as well as a lean system design have simplified the drive system considerably. It has been possible to eliminate components such as cables, contactors, relays and a second encoder. This increases the robustness and thus the availability of the system.


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