The first completely scalable,
modular drive system for AGVs

The latest generation of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) needs drive solutions that reduce complexity, while ensuring maximum power density and safety. The iTAS® modular system gets right to the heart of this ambition: with its diversity, efficiency and individual scalability, our fully integrated, modular servo drive system offers an innovative modular solution that is specially tuned to the requirements of AGVs and logistical systems.

iTAS® at work

Servo drive technology – redefined

i … for interactive:

Design and individually scale DTS, get them up and running fast and use them reliably – with everything under control, at all times! With the interactive MotionGUI interface, plug & play is possible even for complex vehicle concepts.

i … for intelligent:

Develop different vehicle concepts in a simple and reliable way for every possible application with compact dimensions – thanks to a complete system in which all components interact efficiently and process data can be continually monitored by intelligent web servers.

i … for individual:

Fully scalable modular systems for individual requirements or specific sectors, which despite their individuality can be integrated in the vehicle with the greatest of ease.

Your requirements – Our solutions

Safe operation at all times

The innovative MotionGUI software is equipped with condition monitoring, an error history, a service function, parameter programming, etc. With the additional motion task function, e.g. decentralized control of driving commands via simco® drive can be realised.

The system allows simple parameter programming of the drive by selecting the actuator version from a database saved in the drive – saving time and preventing errors. Furthermore, diagnostic is faster in the event of a fault, and downtimes are shortened thanks to the integrated real-time clock with event logging. Safe system shutdown in an emergency is initiated by the integrated STO (Safe Torque Off) function according SIL3.

Reduced operating costs

On the one hand, the simplicity how TAS can be integrated without external ratio e.g. belt or chain, saves time and therefore costs. On the other hand, the drives work with high efficiency, reducing energy consumption and, ultimately, extending driving cycles or shifts.

Branch specific features of the simco® drive, such as external limit switch, soft start or buck-boost converter to actuate the brakes, enable additional components in the vehicle to be dispensed with, and bring the benefits of effective material savings.

Perfect fit product design

The perfect fit product design of simco® drive and TAS dramatically simplifies integration even in small vehicles – despite its compact design, the entire system can be individually scaled to suit different performance profiles. What's more, intelligent system components enable thoroughly safe vehicle concepts in a system. For example, TAS can optionally be equipped with an additional encoder for speed control.

Maintenance-free production

The consistent and thorough safety concept, achieved by the use of an additional encoder for speed control and the STO (Safe Torque Off) function according to SIL3 enables the continuous checking of process data and rapid fault diagnostic, which can be performed by the MotionGUI, the web server and the safety control system – with high system availability as the outcome.

Flexible, fully scalable servo drive platform

In the servo actuators of the iTAS® system, the motor and the helical, low backlash planetary gearbox combine to form coupling-free drive units, which boast an impressively high torque, a compact design, high tilting moments and a wide speed range.

Different equipment packages mean that iTAS® can be designed to suit specific applications:

  • Package „compact“ with integrated dynamic brake as standard version for all packages.
  • Package„advanced“ with an additional encoder for speed control or with wheel (VULKOLLAN® 93° Shore A) and mounting hardware for optimized load of the bearings of the actuator for higher loads
  • Package „performance“ that combines all options 

Intelligent communication

Web server

Simple evaluation of operating parameters and condition monitoring via web server during mobile operation

  • Analysis of drive parameters during ongoing operation, e.g. temperature, torque, speed
  • Determination of the load of the system
  • Initiation of measures to optimize the system
  • Simple condition monitoring
  • Definition of operating/utilization ranges
  • Analysis of errors and warnings during ongoing operation
  • Initiation of troubleshooting measures

Acceleration sensor

Integrated acceleration sensor for evaluating vehicle load during operation

  • Analysis of acceleration values in the x,y,z direction
  • Output of warnings and errors if defined maximum acceleration values are exceeded
  • Analysis of crashes and the floor conditions below the system
  • Evaluation via MotionGUI or web server during ongoing operation

Motion tasks

Intelligent communication concepts are easily integrated in the AGV via the MotionGUI software

  • Extended motion block table with "decentralized intelligence" for individually modifying and flexibly programming the application
  • Vehicle manufacturers can create motion tasks easily while spending less time on programming
  • Even complex single-axis movements, e.g. processes involving gripping the vehicle, or the actuation of stroke modules, can be generated and executed in a decentralized manner
  • With several synchronized axes: movements can be started simultaneously via a synchronization signal from the control system
  • Standalone solutions can be accomplished by dispensing with the control system

Actuators + electronics = efficiency²

More intelligent. More efficient. Safer.

One of the key elements of the iTAS® drive system is the simco® drive series, which is highly flexible and simple to integrate. With branch specific functions such as brake actuation, energy recovery and acceleration sensor, the drive regulator is ideally equipped for use in the iTAS® drive system.

High power density in small dimensions

The core unit of the iTAS® drive system can be achieved in various sizes and equipment versions.

With sector-specific components such as a dynamic brake, an additional speed sensor for speed monitoring, and a harmonized wheel with connection, greater efficiency is achieved during development, implementation and operation.

Example applications


iTAS® saves space and offers a high power density. This way, our vehicle can drive at a speed of up to 2 m/s and manage gradients of up to 7 percent.

Bernd Dalhoff, Managing Director of 2-IT GmbH


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Advice all from one source and the harmonization of the drive and control technology at iTAS® keep our project planning right on track.

Joachim Walter, Managing Director at BeeWaTec GmbH


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